Nice Things my clients say


"My son was dry in two weeks! Thank you so much.... "

Janis Topola on our FB page:

“Our family is forever grateful to Peter for helping our son find his way to dry nights. That was about 7 years ago. His approach was supportive, gentle and worked like a miracle!
Cant thank you enough !”

 “We were desperate to help our six-year-old son stop wetting the bed. He wet the bed EVERY night for almost three years. We had gone to the paediatrician, urinary clinic, and even done sleep apnea testing and an EEG. Finally, we found DryKids.
Wow! After speaking with Peter on Skype and beginning the program our son was 100% dry in less than 3 months! Without medication!
 All it takes are some simple changes. I recommend DryKids to every parent I know!”       …… Tynan Seitz

“Can we still contact you at any time if necessary? You have become such an important part of our life that we feel we can’t
let go of knowing you’re there for Ryan and us….” 
Jenn in Montreal

“Peter is amazing!!!! He had my son stop wetting the bed in 2 months. Hewas 9. My doctor said it was normal and I listened to her. I wish I
would have looked into this sooner. I would have started him at 5.
So if your doctor says it’s normal, well it is, but it doesn’t help the self esteem.If your child is wetting the bed, don’t wait until they are
older like I did.” My son was dry in 2 months.”  Michelle on our FB page

Gabrielle Robinson’s dad is a doctor in Saskatchewan; since helping her, he has referred friends to me for help with their children. 


Matt is doing great! He’s been dry for the last week. Thank you so much for all your help, encouragement and knowledge. You are truly doing wonderful work.

Best,   Lisa and Billy