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Forget everything you’ve heard about how to end bed wetting! These techniques have been developed by pediatricians and psychologists, and taught to nurses in hospital ‘enuresis’ clinics. It works better when the child is taught right in the home.

This ebook is a first step for any bed wetter, and all that you’d need for kids age 3 to 7 years. Click to see it in pdf version.

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Water is your friend!

 Water is the only medicine for bed wetting. It tones the bladder, lightens sleep, and keeps bowels happy.

Lessons for Teachers

Discovering the Causes of your problem

If you want to be dry at night you have to understand that some habits might be causing your bed wetting.  Then you will know how to fix it.

Step 1 – 

  • How to prepare with changes to diet and toning
  • How to wake the child
  • How to develop the new sleep patterns


Step 2

Addressing small bladder, urgency, and constipation

Put it all together:  the DryKids night time drill

A bed wetting alarm is an important part of any ‘getting to dry’ program because it helps you to identify and change sleep patterns.

  • How to prepare
  • How to wake the child
  • How to develop the new sleep patterns

Once a child is dry at night for 14 nights you can start to taper off the alarm and exercises. It has to be done carefully and completely lest the problem come back in a few months

See this chart in your manual or ebook above.

step 4

Summary: 4 Steps to Dry

  1. Prepare by ‘water gulping ‘ – urinate and drink water every two-three hours
  2. Avoid milk & citrus products in the evening
  3. Practice getting up twice – wake with washcloth – splash face – say a mantra like “I want to be dry, I’m going to hear the buzzer” before sleep.
  4. At first the alarm only wakes Mom. She wakes the child with a wet cloth. Later, he will hear it. Soon he will anticipate it and go before the buzzer sounds. Finally, he will decide to sleep through the night.

IMPORTANT:  once the child is dry for 14 nights, go to using the buzzer every second night for two weeks, then every third night.. if you don’t phase out slowly the bed wetting might come back later.

RECURRENCE:  if the child wets again at any time, just do the other steps – water gulping and practice – without a buzzer.

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