Families in your neighborhood are searching for help with bed wetting.

You could be a Bed Wetting Coach in just a few weeks

I've helped hundreds of families to overcome bed wetting; I'm retiring soon and want to share my experience in order to help more children.

Bed wetting is still misunderstood, decades after the solutions were developed in specialist clinics. The method is all-natural, a program that identifies the causes and trains in new habits to fix them. These methods have been used in hospitals for decades, but work much more effectively in a Coaching program.

One little guy asked me, “Are you Supernanny’s brother?”

He nailed it. The solution is behavioral, not medical 99% of the time.

  • Part time career 

  • Full time income

This is a work-from-home business that can be done weekends and evenings but still earn a good income. And it’s the most rewarding job ever!


DryKids Coaches begin the day with happy mail:

“He’s so proud of himself…”

“Hi Coach, I’ve been dry all week!!!

How it works

Getting started is fast, fun, & easy


Meet the Coach

We’ll talk on Zoom to see if this is right for you. Learn more about bed wetting remedies, coaching and acquiring customers., with DryKids Founder Peter Grise


The Course

No need to be an internet pro, our course materials, videos and personal help will get you up to speed in no time.


Personal instruction

I take on only one or two new Coaches weekly, to ensure that they have all the advice and tools to succeed. My goal is to see a Bed Wetting Coach in every town and city!


DryKids is not a franchise

My purpose is to help children, so I’m sharing my business format, and I will help you to succeed. You can recover your investment in two weeks.

DryKids program includes the best of both medical and behavioral remedies

 The remedies that really work end bed wetting aren’t medical at all, because it can’t be fixed with drugs or surgery. They were developed in hospital and psychology clinics decades ago, and further refined by ‘enuresis consultants” like me. I’ve helped hundreds of families to overcome bed wetting, and my mentor helped literally thousands, with in-home training.  Some of my favorite clients are doctor-parents who know that their kids need lifestyle coaching to change the habits that caused their bed wetting. Read more on my site,  www.drykids.ca


DryKids clients say the nicest things

“We can’t thank you enough, your service was a godsend…” 

Tova White, Toronto               (Hear Tova’s phone message on Testimonials page)

“This was the best Christmas present ever!”

Daniel age 8               Boston

Let's talk

Let me help you set up and get into business.

Peter Grise, founder of DryKids

This isn’t a franchise, and it isn’t expensive. I want to spread the knowledge, to help as many children as possible. It’s quick to learn because I have a format for client intake and training that includes manuals, materials, and teaching slides.