Getting Started Tonight

DryKids bed wetting alarm kit
Before using an alarm...

It may take a week or so to receive this package, but meanwhile it’s beneficial to get started on lighter sleep and a stronger bladder signal.

This first week will introduce ‘water gulping’, bed time practice, and elimination diets.

Water is your friend!

Understanding the causes is the firsts step in fixing bed wetting. Every child is different, but improper hydration is a problem for most bed wetters.Water is your friend! Water is the only medicine that fixes bed wetting.

And.. watch for the signs of constipation. The motto I teach is

“Mushy Poop In the Morning”


It isn’t necessary to stop using pull-ups until you have a bed wetting alarm.  Then you’ll need “Goodnites Bed Mats”.

This week, four steps to prepare
  • Water gulping – urinate then drink water every two or three hours. Last gulp, one hour before bed.
  • Machine gunning – stop/start/stop/start the urine stream to stregthen the sphincter.
  • Do two practice runs to the bathroom at bed time.
  • Lie down and breathe deeply. Think a mantra with every breath:  “I want to be dry, I’m want to feel my bladder signal.”

This is all you need for age 3 to 6, but for 6 to adult you need a Coach and 4Step package. That’s all for now, but contact me when the package arrives. or text 705-818-4778