Every child (and adult!) can be dry at night

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You probably arrived at this page from my Youtube videos (150,000 views) or tips on social media. I freely share tips about bed wetting that other therapists guard very carefully because every child deserves to be dry at night. Bed wetting is such a ‘secret’ issue that the remedies that really work are not only counter-intuitive, but rarely talked about.   And it is almost always behavioural not medical in nature.

Every child can be dry, night time and day time. Contact Me to get started!  ZOOM Coach Peter Grise, Ontario Canada

Contact Me to get a free copy of the motivational progress chart. Viewers are welcome to use this chart, but it works best in conjunction with a Coaching program to guide and monitor changes in habits and emotional reactions. The parent praises success and overlooks failure, uses stars to reward effort not for being dry.

Causes and remedies

Problem bed wetting usually begins at age 3 when a child is ready to be dry, but some pain, either physical or emotional, causes prolonged deep sleep, too deep to feel the bladder signal and learn to develop the “night mode hormone Vasopressin”. Think of it this way: what we hear about as the “causes of bed wetting’ are the causes of deep sleep. The brain says  “Just lie there.  Hardly even breathe. I’ve got to fix this.” 

You and I would also wet the bed if we slept that way for three hours. This is why a basic rule for kids at age 3 or 4 is – a child has to go to bed happy in mind and happy in body to beat bed wetting.  So we start with a few basic lessons to tone the bladder, establish good hydration, and dispel misunderstandings.  After age 6 the experts say that bed wetting is “multi-causal” so any one thing you try (waking, drugs, restricting water) may not work without treating other causes simultaneously. It calls for a “multi-modal” solution.

  • Very deep sleep, fixed with alarm programs
  • Dehydration   fixed with water gulping
  • Constipation  fixed with water gulping
  • Fear of the dark  overcome with counselling
  • Anxiety & stress relieved with counselling
  • Food sensitivities  – elimination diets
  • Poor bladder tone – exercises & diet
  • Frustration and misunderstandings
  • Food colouring  –  elimination diets
Behavioral modification for bed wetting has a 90% success rate in an average of ten weeks

Behavioral modification simply means that a therapist helps parents to discover the causes, and teaches new habits and exercises that reverse these causes. No drugs are needed.


David in NYC says “for those who think this is too good to be true, it isn’t. Within a few weeks a marked change, within a few months bed wetting was only a memory. Thank you for your kindness and compassion”

Causes, and how to fix it:

Start with the basics like hydration, elimination diet, constipation treatment, and removing the pull-ups. Don’t use an alarm for kids under 7.

These videos will explain the basic steps but when it comes to alarms, motivation, and support there’s nothing like having a great Coach to  help the child (and MOM!) do it once and do it right.

Age 3 to 6 easy to fix - you don't need an alarm, just a little advice

Click on the pic to see and download a copy of my Toddlers Ebook. Kids age 3 to 6 need to go to bed happy and hydrated to learn how to  create the dry-at-night hormone Vasopressin. Alarms don’t work at this age.

For age 3-6, and first steps for over age 6

As the video explains, the first steps are to end the wrong habits, and begin better habits.

  • Drink lots of water
  • Nothing but water in one hour before bed
  • Monitor constipation to get “MUSHY POOP EVERY MORNING”
  • Bed time mantra “I want to be dry, I’m going to  listen to my bladder.”
If you'd like to be a Coach as well, I can teach you. There should be one in every neighbourhood.

I teach in-home in Ontario Canada, and everywhere on Zoom. If you can answer “Yes” to these three questions then I can assure you that your child (Or Adult) will be dry daytime and night time, in a few weeks. Without drugs.

  • Has he or she expressed an interest in being dry at night
  • Is your child free of serious medical issues
  • Are you willing to do a little work to help him or her?

I’ve helped hundreds of families to end their bed wetting problem with a program of psychology, good habits, and lighter sleep. The child learns LIFE LESSONS that improve sleep, daytime focus, and attitude. Cost is only $299 U.S.. including zoom coaching, alarm package, and frequent guidance. It works every time!!!  Contact me

The following is ‘under construction’ but these images do illustrate what is included in the DryKids program

 Contact me to see if this is the right program for your child, or just for a few suggestions.

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