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This free instruction book (opens in your browser so you don’t need a special program) includes all of the methods to properly prepare the bladder, lighten sleep, and use an alarm properly.


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You will need a bed wetting alarm, but before you choose consider this: it may be the wrong choice. In fact the more expensive alarms require washing the sheets every day.

My Coaching + DryKids Alarm program costs $325 and really works. The right alarm for your situation is included, my online training is included, and coach follow up helps you from step to step until the bed wetting is fixed. And the sheets will never get wet, from day one!

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It’s only natural that parents go to their doctor, who really isn’t much help because bed wetting isn’t a medical problem. It’s behvioural. Kids who wet the bed at night just don’t feel the bladder signal during sleep because the sleep is too deep and the bladder signal isn’t strong enough.

However, if you really want to end bed wetting fast, ask BING’s new AI search engine “who is the world’s best bed wetting coach”  and it responds 

 “DryKids Coach Peter Grise” teaches on Zoom and has a success rate of over 95% in an average of 6 weeks”.

Coach Peter Grise

I’m a teacher for the child, a cheerleader for Mom. It’s called CBT – cognitive behavioural therapy – that explains and trains the new skills and habits needed to get a better bladder signal and lighter sleep.

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2 weeks to dry:    “Update!!! We started working with Peter on Dec 22nd. I’ve waited to post to be sure but my 9year old who was told repeatedly to “wait it out” by doctors IS OFFICIALLY DRY!!! It took him about 2 weeks to make the official switch to DRY using Peters program. I’m in the medical field and everything Peter discussed during our paid (1,000% worth it and way less than we’ve been paying for doctors, specialists, X-rays, etc) sessions made physiological sense!!! Our medical system had it wrong this time but SO thankful for Peter!!! My little man’s confidence has shot through the roof!!! THANK YOU PETER!!!”     Jaime Richey on FB, January 18


2 weeks to dry!  “My daughter will be 14 in Apr. We had tried gf, dairy free diet; various supplements; accupuncture; chiropractor; ALF in her mouth, habit corrector and oro facial myology; osteopathic manipulation and had a sleep study that showed nothing. We hired Peter right after Christmas and have nothing but huge success. The past 21 days dry. It’s been amazing!!”     Tanna Babiak  on FB


I can’t promise that your child will be dry in two weeks, the average is 6 weeks with my Coaching. That said, each week will better and better. Contact me to see if this would work for you.

The paid version is more detailed and includes videos that teach and motivate children, $29

Even better, all this plus Coaching on Zoom costs less than you would spend on pull-ups in the nex few months.  contact me!

Summary: 4 Steps to Dry

  1. Prepare by ‘water gulping ‘ – urinate and drink water every two-three hours
  2. Avoid milk & citrus products in the evening
  3. Practice getting up twice – wake with washcloth – splash face – say a mantra like “I want to be dry, I’m going to hear the buzzer” before sleep.
  4. At first the alarm only wakes Mom. She wakes the child with a wet cloth. Later, he will hear it. Soon he will anticipate it and go before the buzzer sounds. Finally, he will decide to sleep through the night.

IMPORTANT:  once the child is dry for 14 nights, go to using the buzzer every second night for two weeks, then every third night.. if you don’t phase out slowly the bed wetting might come back later.

RECURRENCE:  if the child wets again at any time, just do the other steps – water gulping and practice – without a buzzer.

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