This page is shown only to members of the Facebook group “Bedwetting in children and teens”   because it offers a free version of the program manual “4 Steps to Dry”. . these methods derive from decades of experience and research by Coach Peter and the doctors we really respect:  Dr. Max Maizels, Dr. Howard Bennett, and  Dr. Laura Weissman.

The ‘4Steps’ book is free and will will open in your browser, and has a lot of copy… best seen on a laptop or desktop computer.  You will learn and understand what causes bed wetting, and how to fix it. It’s fast, fun and easy. Every child is different; for kids who have ‘simple’ bed wetting, this is all you need. If you’ve “tried everything” you may have lost the child’s confidence and cooperation. Then, CBT coaching is the sure way to fix it.

Click on the pic to get the e-book     add Zoom coaching + alarm  + follow-up for $325  in USA, UK, AU, NZ . It’s the only bed wetting program with a money-back guarantee.

 If you’ve “tried everything” already, you may have lost your child’s motivation; each failed attempt to end bed wetting makes it worse. It’s time for a Coach. My job is to have the child go to bed happy, excited, and enthusiastic about fixing this thing!

There are 4 Steps to behavioral changes, average 6 weeks to dry. Your child could be entirely dry soon and it can actually be fun!   Contact me   for free advice, I’m always ready to help a child.

If you choose a Zoom program, follow my advice and stay in touch for ongoing advice, it will work.

$195 under age 7, $325 age 7 to adult U.S. includes  bed wetting alarms, Zoom coaching, video lessons and email advice. No monthly fees, no further cost. And we guarantee the alarms.   CONTACT ME to see if your child is a good candidate for this.

Behavioral modification for bed wetting has a 90% success rate in an average of six weeks

Behavioral modification simply means that a therapist helps parents to discover the causes, and teaches new habits and exercises that reverse these causes. No drugs are needed. Would this work for you?  Contact me for a free 20-minute consult.

2 weeks to Dry: David in NYC says "Sounds too good to be true, but it's not"

Davids boy responded very well to coaching by Peter that he was excited, persistent and did the routine so thoroughly that he was completely over bed wetting in just two weeks! The ebook may help, but Coaching is a guarantee of a happy, quick process.

Parents often tell me “he doesn’t seem to care…” but I find that the child is just feeling resigned to his problem of bed wetting.

My videos have had over 150,000 views on Youtube; I suspect that the viewers are children who are searching for answers.

If you'd like to be a Coach as well, I can teach you. There should be one in every neighbourhood.

I teach in-home in Ontario Canada, and everywhere on Zoom. If you can answer “Yes” to these three questions then I can assure you that your child (Or Adult) will be dry daytime and night time, in a few weeks. Without drugs.

  • Has he or she expressed an interest in being dry at night
  • Is your child free of serious medical issues
  • Are you willing to do a little work to help him or her?

I’ve helped hundreds of families to end their bed wetting problem with a program of psychology, good habits, and lighter sleep. The child learns LIFE LESSONS that improve sleep, daytime focus, and attitude. Cost is only $299 U.S.. including zoom coaching, alarm package, and frequent guidance. It works every time!!!  Contact me

The following is ‘under construction’,  but these images do illustrate what is included in the DryKids program

 Contact me to see if this is the right program for your child, or just for a few suggestions., 

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