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The DryKids Bed Wetting Program

I did the research and built the business model over fifteen years. You can be in business in just a few weeks.

DryKids Coach

I’ll be retiring soon, but the DryKids bed wetting program is something that shouldn’t be lost, so now I’m sharing my business model to help more children.  Over fifteen years and visiting hundreds of families, I improved the method taught in hospital clinics, by following children’s progress day by day.

There are very few Bed Wetting Coaches; there should be many more to help more children. It cost me $thousands and years of research, but now I’d like to share it widely.

The DryKids program includes the best ideas and practices from both medical and behavioral fields, particularly from the Try for Dry program as taught to therapists at Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital.


Coach Peter in the press

Featured in Chatelaine and Today's Parent

Chatelaine’s “SweetMama” May 2012
Grise swiftly identifies behaviour and environmental snafus, while taking the pressure off the child. After instituting a program, parents decide whether to go it alone or to have him follow up over several months. With an improvement usually seen in the first week, we figure the money spent is money saved…

When your kid wakes up with wet sheets, it can leave him feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable, and leave you sleepless, stressed and buried in laundry. Many parents try restricting wter or waking their kids during the night, but the problem only persists …. We called in the experts to teach us their simple but not-so-obvious strategies to eliminate bedwetting. Dr. Lane Robson and DryKids’ Peter Grise…….

These are the real experts in bed wetting, and each of them add a little to the puzzle

The real experts

There are only a few very good bed wetting programs: Washington, Boston, Chicago, England, Sweden….  and as far as I know, I’m the only ‘enuresis consultant’ in Canada. My program is modeled on the Chicago program, informed as well by all of these experts.

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My success rate is over 90% in an average of 6 weeks to dry.


How you can change lives

The natural, behavioral methods that end bed wetting are well known but little used because it’s such a ‘secret’ problem. These methods are taught to nurses and therapists and ‘enuresis consultants’ like me have found that they work over 90% of the time, in a program of Coaching.

Coaching involves spending an hour or two by home visit or Skype, to discover causes and customize the program to a child’s causes. Then you would call back often to lead them through the 4 Steps in 4 Weeks of progress.

Bed wetting affects one in three families at some point, and it shouldn’t happen at all. Family, friends, even doctors say “She’ll outgrow it” or “restrict water”, and they’d be wrong. If a 10-year-olds wets every night, there’s a 50% chance of it going into the teen years according to Britain’s NHS surveys.