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bed wetting

A new testimonial

Two weeks to dry for a girl age 5 Amber LewisThis is so hard! I’m sorry he is going through this. My little one has just been dry for almost 2 months. Before that she was wet every night and I had “tried it all” also at that stage. Now she is only 5 years …

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Stop Washing The Sheets

How to choose a bed wetting alarm You’ve tried everything to help a child, and nothing seems to work. Waking, restricting water, removing the pull-ups, maybe even drugs and now you are considering “alarms”. Where to start? There are two basic types of bed wetting, simple and complicated. For younger children who are healthy, happy, …

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Four types of bed wetting

Bedwetting basics Simple enuresis, fixed relatively easily Complicated bed wettgin, several causes to fix first Nocturnal enuresis – nighttime only Diurnal enuresis – daytime, and a little more difficult to fix Secondary bed wetting – bed wetting after being dry for some time The first thing an enuresis (wetting) expert should do is to ask …

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About Alarms

A bed wetting alarm is a big part of any try for dry at night, but it’s not the only part. The alarm helps you adjust a child’s sleep patterns to create lighter sleep at the times when they usually wet, so thay can learn to recognize bladder pressure.  The child should go through four …

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12 Signs of Constipation

DryKids’ 4-Steps to Dry is the guaranteed way to end bed wetting, with Alarm + Zoom Coaching + support till it’s over,  for only $299 U.S. I’m always happy to help a Mom with free advice, message me. I’m in the Eastern time zone. From the UK, evenings for you work for me. For Australians, …

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