Bing AI says.. 'worlds best bed wetting coach: Drykids Coach Peter Grise

Actually, that's because I'm the only 'coach' in the world!

 This page is all about testimonials because I have the best job every. I help kids. As a 77 year-old grandpa I’m so happy to make a difference in children’s lives; can you think of anything that could be more rewarding?  It was amusing to put that query in Bing AI and find that it rates me at the top of 6 million entries but to be fair, I’m the only therapist that calls himself a Coach. Google isn’t quite so generous because their paid clients are featured, but I’m still on the first page with my DryKids program a few times. What I do is quite different from anyone else; I teach and train on Zoom, with a success rate of 90% in an average of 8 weeks to end bed wetting.

I encourage others to do something like this in retirement, find a small niche and get good at it. My customers are in ten different countries; there’s nothing similar in the UK, Australia or New Zealand and Zoom makes it easy. In fact if you know anyone who’d like to learn what I do, I can train new bed wetting coaches for free; there should be one in every town.

Zoom bed wetting coach

Learn more about my DryKids program:  drykids.ca

The most popular bed wetting Facebook group is “Bed wetting in children and teens” with 5k members and I’m the only expert who gives advice there. Why is that? Because most parents go to their doctor for advice, but this isn’t a medical problem. I’ve found a niche and tested the method with hundreds of home visits in Toronto before joining a forum on Facebook. My advice: give advice generously and you will be rewarded tenfold.

Here are some of the comments from the Facebook group, about the “world’s best bed wetting coach" Peter Grise founder of DryKids Ontario

Heather:     “That’s great- Peter is awesome.”

Dawn:     “I hired him and it was life changing!! #peterthebedwettingwhisperer

Tanya:     “Congratulations Peter Grise! An amazing and generous man with a wealth of knowledge and passion for helping families with their children’s bedwetting. I feel honoured to have the opportunity to learn from him in Australia and reach more families.”

Stephanie:     “Reach out to Peter Grise. He can help you.”

Suzanne:      “Thank you Peter Grise for all your advice that got us to where we are today just a month into your plan! We went from every night being wet to almost having five consecutive dry nights! Sticking with it, seeing positive results is amazing! Thank you again!”

Jaime:    “I’d like to say he has a magic wand but it’s really following his system. Blake wants this so bad and I truly think Peter telling him there’s nothing wrong with him and why it’s happening and he has the ability to conquer it made a HUGE impact on his confidence. Plus, Blake had found great pleasure in throwing a cold washcloth on my face if he beats his alarm!

Shanna :    “Hi Jaime! Super pumped for you! Peter is amazing! We are on week one, too. Nights 1 & 2, he was totally passed out, wetting 3-4 times a night. On day 3, our son beat the buzzer at the same times he was wetting the other nights and woke up dry! He’s continued to beat the buzzer on days 4 & 5 and wake up dry. Be encouraged! My son says tell your child to tell themselves over and over “I can do this!” because they can!

Jenna:   “Thank you Peter!! Many blessings to you and your family. We will forever be grateful for you and your compassion, passion for what you do, and guidance! Hugs from California!”

Adam:      “You have the most comprehensive techniques, and being able to talk with you is invaluable, we’ve tried other programs, you are by far the best, more so because we deal directly with you.”

Tanna:    “After trying way too many things and spending a ridiculous amount of time and money, we are so excited to be working with Peter. It all makes sense and we feel the last 4 nights have been positive! “