How to stop bed wetting

Before you buy any bed wetting alarm...

If your child is a “deep sleeper”, you need more than just an alarm. In fact, thousands of alarms are bought every year, and don’t even wake the child. It should work like this:

  • At first, the parent wakes the child.
  • Then in a week or two, the child hears the alarm
  • Soon they will be waking up before it sounds..
  • And finally, they wake then decide to go back to sleep.

Combined in a program that includes bladder and bowel toning, visualization, motivational strategies, and customizing to the causes of their deep sleep, you will get fast and lasting results.

Coaching calls

You have my word. It works, or your money back.

I will stay with you, as a coach for the child and cheerleader for the parents, until your child is entirely dry. My ‘competitors’ charge $3000 for the same service, I charge much less because my intention is to help lots of children.

Personal Coaching includes:

  • 15-page User manual
  • Motivational Charts & Systems
  • Online video lessons and downloads – charts, instructions
  • 90 minute Zoom teaching and training with Coach Peter
  • Follow-up meetings by Zoom or Messenger to go from step to step

Program with wireless alarm and Zoom training with Coach Peter

 Drykids program includes  a 90-minute  Zoom training meeting with Coach Peter, Video lessons to teach and motivate, and  printed materials including motivation charts and manual.  CLICK THE PIC to read more or sign up

"Helping your child to overcome bed wetting is one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do as a parent." Dr. Howard Bennett

Email or message me if you have any questions, if I can suggest a few tips I’m always read to help a child.