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Questions the doctor should ask:

If your consultant is a bed wetting expert, he would ask...

  • How old is your child?

  • Do they have any health issues?

  • How many nights of the week do they wet?

  • Do you know the time of night that they usually wet?

  • Was your child ever dry at night for a significant length of time, at any age?

  • If you tried waking your child to go to the bathroom, did it help?

  • And was the child fully awake when you walked to the bathroom?

  • Have you ever tried restricting water, did it make a difference?

  • Have you tried bed wetting drugs?

  • Does your child wear pullups, or do you wash a lot of sheets?

  • Has your child expressed a need to be dry at night?

  • Are you able to get up once or twice a night with them, for a month or so?

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