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“I wish we had found Peter Grise 4 years sooner!”

How can I afford to offer a guarantee? Because it works!

Jenna Ghidelli Seals:

To all the mamas out there who are tired, frustrated, and feel at a loss about their child’s bedwetting…There is hope and I’m here to tell you! We have been dealing with nightly bed wetting for over ten years. My son, who is now 10 years, 4 months old is FINALLY dry and it’s because of Peter Grise, his expertise, and some work on our end. Support is out there—and there is an end! I’m so thankful for Peter Grise and his knowledge and expertise! Wish I would have found him 4 years sooner!!!

You may know that I offer advice on a few Facebook “mom” pages. Sometimes a few tips is all it takes to help a child to be dry for good. Here is a comment from one mom; it never hurts to ask for advice:

There is HOPE!I have a 7.5 years old and I tried everything regarding bedwetting and nothing worked. Finally I’ve started to pay attention to Peter Grise and his comments in this group. I looked up his YouTube channel and I started to follow his advice. My son never had a dry night beforehand and 2 days into following his advice and going gluten free (because I’m coeliac so I noticed he is sensitive to gluten too and that will make his stool looser) he had his first dry night. Twice more he had a night where he started to pee but his pee alarm woke him up and then we just left the alarm, the nappies, the betwetting behind. This had been 2 months now and I can definitely say it’s over.

David in NYC describes how Coach Peter helped his son, a very determined 10-year old who wet every night. This boy worked hard and did every recommendation in detail, dry for good in two weeks!

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