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Two weeks to dry for a girl age 5

Amber Lewis
This is so hard! I’m sorry he is going through this. My little one has just been dry for almost 2 months. Before that she was wet every night and I had “tried it all” also at that stage. Now she is only 5 years old but all I kept hearing when I brought the concern to anyone was the same thing “she will grow out do it, you just have to wait.” I have 2 kids older then her that didn’t have any issue and I was tired of hearing just wait. She didn’t want to wait, it was bothering her and she wanted so bad to be dry. Therefore, I started researching more and ending up finding drykids. The founder Peter was just piloting a new program for 5 year olds and we decided to try it, what did we have to loose. The different approach and compassion filled coaching was so unique to anything else we had experienced whenever talking to others about the issue of bed wetting. He taught us there can be multiple things that contribute to bedwetting and we addressed them all at once. Within 2 weeks she was mostly dry, by 3 weeks dry but waking up at night to potty, by a month dry and sleeping through the night! Wow! Like I said this was a pilot program for drykids, their main program has always been for kids 7 and up. So He is use to working with older kids. My hope here in sharing is just that maybe another kiddo can benefit from this! Drykids is worth looking into!
Jenna Ghidelli Seals
Amber Lewis Peter has been such a blessing to our family!! He is amazing—so thankful to him!