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Bed wetting help for ages 3 to 6

Bed wetting under age 7?

Friends, family and even doctors might say “Wake her up”, “Restrict water” and “there’s a drug for that,” but you probably know these just don’t sound right. Waking and walking doesn’t fix it. Restricting water makes no difference. And drugs are not recommended for under age 8. A bed wetting alarm often backfires  because it just scares the child, and younger kids don’t have the focus to use an alarm properly.

So what does work? First, read the ebook below, for the simple things you can do and if that isn’t enough we have a special way of counseling and teaching with an alarm that wakes a parent, not the child. In some cases this has worked in two weeks to get a child completely dry. For kids age 4 to 6 this program costs only $195 including a wireless monitor, zoom coaching and email progress follow-up. Contact me to talk, and see if it would work for your child.

The causes of bed wetting between age four and seven are stress, constipation, yellow dye, sensitivity to milk or citrus in the evening, and nervous or thick bladder. A bed time exercise combined with ‘water gulping’ solves most of these issues.

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