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4 Mistakes (some) Doctors Make

"Restrict water..."

Restricting water seems so obvious, but it’s so wrong. Kids may feel that water makes them wet the bed, but more water is the cure. It fixes bladder and bowel problems, prevents dehydration, lightens sleep and can be used in six different ways to treat bed wetting problems.

"There's a drug..."

Doctors fix things that are wrong with people, and 99% of the time there’s nothing wrong with bed wetters. The drugs commonly used are Desmopressin and Oxybutynin, both come with warnings about use and possible side effects. And they don’t ‘cure” bed wetting, they just relieve the symptoms for a while.

"Small bladder..."

No need to wait for a small bladder to get larger, this is caused by not using it properly. There are simple exercises that fix it.

"Wait to outgrow it"

The doctor would be right 80% of the time in offering this advice for a 5-year-old but some people wet the bed on into the teens and even adulthood. A British National Health Service survey found that if a 10-year-old wets nightly there is a 50% change that they will still be wetting at age 14. Why wait, it can be fixed at any age.

"Lets test..."

When he flips open his books, the doctor finds only a few remedies for bed wetting and these are meant to fix diabetes, infection, and urinary issues. Thy don’t do “behaviour modification,” and bed wetting is a behaviour in almost every case.

You could get started tonight:

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About behaviour modification

There are very few programs that really work to end bed wetging and mos of those are doin in hospital clinics. It really is more successful when done right in the home where the child feels more secure and receptive. My Zoom program averages 90% dryness in six weeks. And it costs no more than the most popular “Alarm+online reporting” program, at $300 US all included.