Bedwetting help in Australia and New Zealand

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Bed wetting help by zoom - it really works!

The world is a smaller place than when I was helping kids back in the day, visiting homes in Toronto to teach children. Thanks to the internet I don’t have to charge an arm and leg for counselling because I no longer have travel and advertising costs. This has meant that the methods that really work to end bed wetting can be done by Zoom right in your home, where the child is feeling comfortable and secure.     Coach Peter


I have lots of clients ‘down under’ where the health system is rather rigid on the topic of bed wetting, and in California where the problem is quite the opposite: too many questionable treatments are available. So what I’ve found in AU, NZ and the UK is that parents go to their doctor as the expert, and doctors have nothing to offer except drugs. Bed wetting drugs don’t work. They just prolong the problem by preventing the kidneys from working all night, and that’s not good.

The methods that really work derive from two rather different clinics: the enuresis (bed wetting) clinic and Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital where they use practical medical remedies, and the clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital where they treat bed wetting clients with behavioural modification. Combining the two – ruling out medical issues then teaching new skills to achieve better bladder tone and lighter sleep – I have helped hundreds of children to get dry, in a matter of weeks. It really works.

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