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Welcome to DryKids Coaching by Peter Grise

End Bed Wetting, Sleepwalking, and Night Terrors Naturally

Are you tired of dealing with bedwetting, sleepwalking, or night terrors? Look no further! DryKids Coach Peter Grise is here to help you and your family overcome these challenges without relying on medications. Our approach is based on behavioral modification, which means understanding the root causes and establishing new sleep habits.

What We Offer:

  1. DryKids Coaching Sessions: Peter Grise provides personalized coaching sessions to parents. These sessions cover effective strategies to address bedwetting, sleepwalking, and night terrors. With a 95% success rate, our program typically takes about 8 weeks to achieve dry nights.
  2. Bedwetting Ebooks: Our DryKids Ebooks are a treasure trove of practical knowledge. Developed from decades of experience and methods used by enuresis consultants, these ebooks offer insights and solutions for families dealing with bedwetting.
  3. Alarm Package: When you receive your alarm package, reach out to Peter at peter@drykids.ca. He’ll set up a 90-minute Zoom meeting to teach, train, and motivate you. This session often takes place in the evening, leading right into bedtime.

Why Choose DryKids?

  • Proven Results: Our approach has helped countless families in Ontario, Canada. Say goodbye to wet sheets and disrupted sleep patterns!
  • Natural Solutions: We believe in addressing the underlying issues without resorting to medications. Peter Grise’s expertise ensures a holistic and effective approach.
  • Simple Strategies: Discover straightforward yet powerful strategies to eliminate bedwetting. Let us guide you toward success.

Contact Us:

Ready to embark on a journey toward dry nights? Reach out to Peter Grise at peter@drykids.ca. Take the first step toward better sleep for your child and your family.

Remember, bedwetting is common but entirely preventable. Let’s work together to make bedtime a peaceful and dry experience! 🌙🛌🌟

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