Bed wetting alarm coaching with Coach Peter

Have you tried a “bed wetting alarm” previously and found that it didn’t even wake the child? That’s not unusual. The typical bed wetting alarm is just a piece of hardware, yet it costs $100 to $400 and may not help to change deep sleep, anxiety, food sensitivities, bladder and bowel issues..  my program at only $325 is a total solution, with help always on call.

Program for age 5-7 :  they are different, easier to fix with special instructions.

Our bed wetting alarm programs include:

  • Program manual, in print and online
  • Training and motivational video lessons
  • Introductory one-hour Zoom teaching & training with a the Bedwetting Coach
  • Video lessons to maintain motivation
  • Follow-up emails or DM’s to assist your progress
$325 including all of the above, no further costs. Alarms are guaranteed.

We ship and teach across Canada, USA, UK and Australia

$325 US, no further cost


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Problem connecting? Maybe your popup blocker is on, easiest thing to do is email me at peter@drykids.ca and I will send you the invoice directly.

Already have a clip-on alarm like WetStop, DryEasy, Malem?  Contact Me for a discount.

In response to your payment we will ship your package and send an email with the “Get Started Tonight” lessons. Then on receipt of the package we will arrange the Zoom appointment.

Some of the resources included: