Bed wetting and deep sleep....

by Ontario's Drykids Coach

A bed wetting alarm is one of the tools we use to help deep sleepers, but the alarm itself won’t even wake most children.  Bed wetting is a multi-causal problem that needs a multi-modal solution.

Bed wetting alarms are part of the solution.....

Thousands of bed wetting alarms are sold annually, and most of them don’t even wake the child. The problem is that the alarm only addresses one of the causes of bed wetting, and there are usually three or more causes present including food sensitivities, emotional reaction to bed wetting, anxiety, constipation, improper hydration and poor bladder tone. When you try just one method, it doesn’t often work and the child is frustrated.

How deep sleep affects bed wetting

No doubt you’ve looked up the “causes of bed wetting” but think of it this way: the causes of bed wetting are the causes of deep sleep,  and deep sleep causes bed wetting.  Create lighter, more restful sleep and the bed wetter can move on to learn how to control his bladder.

Our DryKids program uses alarm training with behavioral modification, guided imagery, elimination diet and education to treat all of the causes simultaneously.

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