Bed wetting alarm Program for kids age 4 to 6 years

Until now I would have said that all you could do to help a smaller child get to dry at night, was to work on hydration and motivation.

That’s all changed now. The DryKids Wireless alarm has a very small sensor that clips onto underwear, to tell Mom when the child is wetting. This means that she can manage and change the child’s sleep patterns. No more tangled wires, frightened child, or refusing to wear a ‘scary’ alarm sensor.

Best alarm ever for girls

DryKids Wireless bed wetting alarm - $195 U.S. including all that follows:

Seen here on a credit card, this brand new, smaller remote alarm has both buzzer and vibration, with a range of 30 feet. A small sensor clips onto the child’s underwear, a small receiver goes to Mom’s room. This solves the problem of older alarms – kids breaking the wires, being afraid of the noise, taking it off altogether.

 It solves the problem of sound intensity; you can place the alarm in parents room, use it with a low vibration sound or loud beep, you can slowly walk with it into the child’s room. And there are special ways to make it work better than any other alarm for girls.  We give you all the personal advice you need to make this work effectively.

But a bed wetting alarm is only part of the solution

Aside from the wet sheets and expensive pull-ups, bed wetting is damaging to a child’s self-esteem, so it’s best to do it once, and do it right. At age 3 a child is ready to learn how to trigger the “night mode” hormone, but they don’t learn to hold it if their bladder signal isn’t strong, or their sleep is too deep to feel it. To lighten sleep you need to discover the causes – constipation, anxiety, poor bladder tone, small bladder and so on.

Thousands of alarms are sold, and set aside after a week or two because the child hates it, or doesn’t hear it. Even then, it can take a year or more to get dry with and alarm, if all of the causes of deep sleep are not addresses as well. The DryKids alarms include everything you need to do it right.

It's not an bed wetting alarm, it's a program

  • DryKids Wireless alarm with USB charging case
  • Materials including manual, motivational charts, diet suggestions
  • Online Video Lessons for parent, and child makes this process fast fun and easy!

“But Wait, there’s more!”

world's best bed wetting coach on zoom
You may have seen or even purchased an alarm priced at $100, $200, even $300 and you just got a piece of hardware. This one is different

My name is Peter Grise and I wrote the materials, made the video lessons, and taught hundreds of kids to be dry at night, teaching right in their homes in Ontario, Canada.  Now with internet video I help children in Canada, USA,  UK and Australia too. I want to be sure that you are doing the right thing, and know the causes and cures, so this alarm package includes an hour on Zoom where I’m a teacher for the parents, and cheerleader for the child. Do it once, do it right!

Buy now with Paypal / credit card

       $195 US
Purchase your alarm package and Zoom training with "Buy Now" or contact me at peter@drykids.ca for more information. Then we send out a package and on receipt, we Zoom with parents and child to teach and train. After that, you will have videos to refresh and re-motivate your child.

Once you have puchased you will receive a link to the “Getting Started” web page. You can start tonight on exercises that lighten sleep, tone the bladder, and motivate the child.

Questions?   Email me: peter@drykids.ca