Age 3-6

Toddlers E-book and Video

Family, friends, even doctors say “Restrict Water” and that does work for some kids, who would have been dry anyway at that time. For most kids, it just causes dehydration and constipation.

No child should have to suffer with bed wetting, it isn’t hard to fix! Here you’ll find our Toddlers Ebook and Age 3-6 video, with our compliments.

Don't worry, he just needs a little help..

At age 3 or 4 most children are ready to get dry at night, but forcing it is a mistake. Try to go without pullups for a few nights, and if there’s no change, wait three months to try again. The decision to create the ADH hormone is tricky because he’s learning something new while asleep. The ebook explains causs, and changes in his schedule that can support his sleep issues. Basically a child has to go to bed free of stress and pain, happy and comfortable, to sleep lightly enough to learn to feel bladder pressure.

Understanding the causes

Discovering the causes helps to determine remedies

Establish a new bed time routine

This is all you need for age 3-6, and also the first steps for age 7 to adult.