Fixing Bed Wetting By Fixing The Causes

Bed wetting takes a toll on a child’s self esteem, the quality of their sleep and even their performance in school.  The first thing you need to know about bed wetting is..  forget everything you’ve heard!  It isn’t hard to fix when you know the causes.

It hardly seems fair that a child can suffer with the trauma of ‘enuresis’ while his friends go on sleepovers and to summer camp. British Health Service has surveyed teenagers,  and found that it was second only to parental divorce as childhood’s worst trauma.

Forget everything you’ve heard, the experts say to fix the causes.

When your friends, other parents and even the doctor offer the same tired advice like “He’ll outgrow it,” it’s time to find the experts. The best people in the field agree that ‘complicated’ bed wetting is multi-causal. When a child has two or three underlying issues (which usually started at age three) you should try a multi-modal behavioral solution.

Deep sleep, constipation, poor hydration and frustration can prolong bed wetting even into the teen years. A Coach can identify the likely causes and set up a program to lead from waking up to bladder pressure, to sleeping through the night.

The real experts say: 

  • Water is the only medicine for bed wetting. A lack of fluids just makes it worse.
  • 50% of the bed wetting boys that we meet have a little sister who is 3 years younger!! Strange but true, this illustrates how easily a 3-year-old child can be affected by change at that age. Contact a DryKids coach to identify your child’s issues.


“Hope all is well with you. Just wanted to update you with our progress.
==== remains dry every night. This past week, we were away visiting colleges.
He still stayed dry, but we are planning on going back to water gulping and following the night time practice before bed for the next two weeks. Once we get through that, we will be close to 2 month’s dry if everything goes well..  See our testimonials here…

No bed wetting drugs, no pull-ups. Every child can be dry.

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