Getting Started Tonight

DryKids bed wetting alarm kit
Before using an alarm...

It may take a week or so to receive this package, but meanwhile it’s beneficial to get started on lighter sleep and a stronger bladder signal.

This first week will introduce ‘water gulping’, bed time practice, and elimination diets.

Resources: documents to view or print:

Water is your friend!

Understanding the causes is the firsts step in fixing bed wetting. Every child is different, but improper hydration is a problem for most bed wetters.Water is your friend! Water is the only medicine that fixes bed wetting.

And.. watch for the signs of constipation. The motto I teach is

“Mushy Poop In the Morning”


It isn’t necessary to stop using pull-ups until you have a bed wetting alarm.  Then you’ll need “Goodnites Bed Mats”.

This week, four steps to prepare
  • Water gulping – urinate then drink water every two or three hours. Last gulp, one hour before bed.
  • Machine gunning – stop/start/stop/start the urine stream to stregthen the sphincter.
  • Do two practice runs to the bathroom at bed time.
  • Lie down and breathe deeply. Think a mantra with every breath:  “I want to be dry, I’m going to feel my bladder signal.”

This is all you need for age 3 to 6, but for 6 to adult you need a Coach and 4Step package. That’s all for now, but contact me when the package arrives.  peter@drykids.ca or text 705-818-4778