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Frequently Asked Questions

First, the cost. It's $299 all included. Alarms, coaching, video lessons and follow-up emails

The reason that I mention cost first, is that some similar programs cost up to $2000 because they have high overhead. I don’t. I work alone, from home, and don’t even advertise.

And how does it work?

The DryKids  bed wetting treatment method is “behavioural modification”, which is an approach that changes the habits that cause the problem. It combines the best practices of experts in pediatric hospital programs, with personal follow-through. It’s very affordable, $299 with a bed wetting alarm,  supplies and Zoom coaching until the problem is resolved. No ongoing costs, no extra costs.

When we first talk we will ask a few questions to determine if behavioural modification is right for your child. A few background questions about motivation, maturity, health issues and lifestyle will help us determine the causes and suggest remedies.

How long does it take?

Every child is different but generally you’d see changes in a week and always dry in six weeks. As you saw on the ‘testimonials’ page, it can be two weeks or three months depending on their lifestyle.

Can you offer a guarantee?

drykids bed wetting therapy and alarms in Canada
Zoom Program

Contact me to talk about your child; in some cases you just need a little free advice. Or Call me at 289-807-9665 and start right away. Message Me below on this page289-807-9665

I do offer a guarantee, and in 2018 I did have to return someone’s fee.

We can assess the probability of success in a short, helpful phone call with a parent, to ask a few questions about motivation and health status. The success rate of DryKids coaching is virtually 100% for compliant clients. That is, they follow the routine and don’t cut corners. It does work every time. You will be changing a child’s sleep patterns, which calls for persistence and motivation. That said it just requires a 5-minute exercise before bed, and getting up once or twice a night for a month or so.

We coach in Ontario Canada with home visits, and Zoom everywhere with clients in B.C. to Australia, California to Finland. The first step is to interview Mom, Dad and the child to determine the issues, eliminate medical issues, and teach a new bed time routine that fixes deep sleep, naturally. Then we mail a package of materials, and phone regularly to lead the family from step to step until it’s fixed.

DryKids Coaching is $299 U.S.  with alarm, video course 

What ages do you work with?

Most of the kids I see are in the age 7 to 11 range, with occasional teenagers and adults. The oldest was a 35-year-old nurse who wet the bed; the quickest to dry was a 22-year-old who got dry for good the night I talked to her. Children under age 6 don’t need my help, but they do need my ebook to end it quickly and easily.

Are you a doctor? No, this is a 'Supernanny' problem.

I have the best job ever. Can you think of anything else that inspires a child to say, “You’ve changed my life.”

My mentor:  In 1950, Eugene Draper decided to help children overcome bed wetting, the way the Gray Nuns in his Seattle boarding school had helped him. He made it his life’s work, a passion that made life much better for several thousand children.

In 2002 I took a sales job with his firm and and saw firsthand that beating bed wetting can change children’s lives. When he retired I went on to take courses from Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago where they teach therapists and nurses how to become a bed wetting Coach. And since then I’ve studied everything on this topic, identified what works and what doesn’t, and developed a ‘toolbox’ of parental techniques to restore better sleep as well as self-esteem. Today, I have a success rate of over 90% in compliant cases, with an average time to dry of eight weeks.

The first question people ask is, “Are you a doctor?”

My answer is, “No, but do you know a doctor that can help you? Is it necessary to be a mechanic to teach driving, or a vet to be a dog whisperer?”  Bed wetting is almost never a medical problem. Doctors fix things that are broken, using drugs and surgery. They only rarely get into behavioural issues like bladder toning, diet, and sleep habits.